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Box Office Predictions (4/13-4/15)

April 13, 2012

Although we have a bit of competition in this mid-April weekend, I doubt that any new release will be able to dethrone The Hunger Games – which recently passed the $300 million mark. Other competitors include The Cabin in the Woods, Lockout, and The Three Stooges. Cabin has been gaining popularity due to word-of-mouth marketing from many satisfied filmgoers, which will land it in second place – gaining around $15-$16 million for the weekend. Lockout is receiving poor critical attention, so it will most likely make about $9 million for the weekend total, putting itself in sixth place – behind Titanic 3D. To wrap things up, The Three Stooges will easily come in third place, gaining a solid $13 million.

 1. The Hunger Games – $19 million
2. The Cabin in the Woods – $16 million
3. The Three Stooges – $13 million
4. American Reunion – $12.8 million
5. Titanic 3D – $12 million
6. Lockout – $9 million
7. Wrath of the Titans – $7 million
8. Mirror Mirror – $5 million
9. 21 Jump Street – $3.6 million
10. The Lorax – $2 million

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