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Box Office Predictions (4/6-4/8)

April 6, 2012

I guess it’s about time to introduce a new feature on my website: Box Office predictions. Enough with introductions – let’s get to it. The main battle this weekend is between two new movies and one continuous Box Office champ: American ReunionTitanic (3D Re-release), and The Hunger Games. As of April 4, The Hunger Games‘ cumulative domestic gross was $262 million – which seems to be ahead of the pattern that the Twilight series took. What’s a bit difficult about this prediction is that all three of these have decent competition. The new American Pie movie will surely please the many fans of the original – resulting in a weekend total of around $25 million, coming in 2nd place. Titanic (3D Re-release) also has a fanbase of young adults who missed the opportunity to see the original in the theaters. That’ll come in around $19 million, placing itself in 3rd place. Lastly, The Hunger Games will most likely take first place with a weekend total of around $30 million. Want to see my full weekend prediction? Read on to find out, folks. 

1. The Hunger Games – $30 million
2. American Reunion – $25 million
3. Titanic (3D Re-release) – $19 million
4. Wrath of the Titans – $12 million
5. Mirror Mirror – $8 million
6. 21 Jump Street – $7 million
7. The Lorax – $5 million
8. John Carter – $2 million
9. Act of Valor – $1.2 million
10. A Thousand Words – $0.8 million

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