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May 22, 2011

Megan: I would like to apologize. I’m not confident which end that came out of.

Bridesmaids was certainly something different and really funny. Aside from writing the script, I also liked Kristin Wiig’s performance, it was excellent and proves that she is great in her first lead role aside from her numerous SNL skits and supporting roles in films such as MacGruber or Paul. Men, don’t be fooled; Bridesmaids is a film for guys and girls alike, that has enough wit and humor throughout to keep it entertaining. The big problem is that some scenes were prolonged and were unneeded, while many were riotous and hilarious. I really liked Melissa McCarthy’s performance, who played the groom’s sister Megan, she was the true scene stealer along with the other bridesmaids including actress Ellie Kemper (The Office), Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd), and especially the Jon Hamm (Mad Men) cameos.

Bridesmaids centers on Annie (Wiig), who lost her cake shop, is a failure at her love life, an spends her nights watching Maury with her two obese roommates. When Annie’s best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolf) gets engaged, Lillian asks Annie to be her maid of honor. Soon after Annie accepts and meets the other bridesmaids at Lillian’s engagement party. Annie almost immediately forms a rivalry with Helen (Rose Byrne), who is fighting to make Annie look bad and become Lillian’s best friend. Annie’s stress increases throughout the film and won’t be calm until she gets a grip on the wedding planning and dealing with Helen.

While Melissa McCarthy’s work as the energetic Megan is a sure start to a great career in comedy, Kristin Wiig dominates all performances in this film. While you’ve probably seen her in films such as Knocked Up, Paul, and Adventureland, let alone her many seasons of Saturday Night Live, this is Kristin Wiig’s definitive breakout performance. Wiig is smart, talented, and most importantly she is funny because of her hilarious script which was also written by her in addition to perfectly handling the role as Annie.

Aside from Wiig, the supporting cast is just wonderful. I’ve already mentioned McCarthy, so I just wanted to point out and acknowledge the rest. Even though Kemper doesn’t get much screen time (you can see her in the background in many scenes), her character is fun and interesting which reminded me of Jack McBryer’s performance as the hotel guest 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which shouldn’t be surprising considering that Marshall and Bridesmaids was produced by comedy genius Judd Apatow. I found Rose Byrne’s character absolutely hilarious as she portrayed Helen, who I previously mentioned fights Annie to be best friends with Lillian. There is one scene in particular where Annie and Helen are both going back and forth with a speech, seeing who can give Lillian the best compliment, which ends with a song.

I guess the biggest flaw in Bridesmaids has to be that it gets boring at times. I understand that audiences taste differs, but in parts of the movie, for me at least, I just wanted the part to be over due to the prolonged time the scenes go on. While I am not saying this goes for everyone, it could be just me, but I thought a great portion of this movie was extended for no good reason. What I’m particularly talking about is the first 15-20 minutes of the film, which I hated because it was unneeded and while it pertained to the story, I believe it could have been cut shorter.

I’ve always enjoyed work by Paul Feig, who directed Bridesmaids. Feig created the cult television show Freaks and Geeks (which spawned careers for stars such as James Franco, Jason Seigel, and Seth Rogen). Feig has additionally directed episodes of shows such as The Office and Arrested Development (which I can’t help but mention are two fantastic shows). While those are very notable, Bridesmaids will most likely be his most famous project, seeing that it has been liked by audiences and critics alike. Though it runs at a little over two hours and some parts seem a bit prolonged, Bridesmaids is a great comedy, and I highly recommend it.

Bridesmaids: 3 1/2 out of 5

Annie: Are you an appliance?

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