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April 26, 2011

It amazes me what you can do with a crappy video camera and a lot of special effects and some decent acting. Cloverfield proves that a whole lot can be done. Maybe it can be used to film a going away party, maybe your wife, but eventually it’ll be used to film the demise of New York City by a well done computer generated ‘Godzilla’ type creature. Now who would have thought an obese man named Hud would be the one to capture all of this? I guess nobody did, but it’s possible, and it happened, and it’s wonderful.

During a going away party at night in New York City, the lights suddenly shut off, the ground starts shaking, we hear panicking and screaming. Someone turns on the news, unpredictable earthquake just occurred. When people go outside, it’s a dusty mess, we hear a loud sound. Five seconds later we sight something soaring through the air right towards them, which turns out to be the head of the statue of liberty. We then have a case of classic government agents who tell people to go this way and won’t give any information, which leads to the death a large amount of people, including the main character’s brother. At first they think it’s terrorism, but once they see the creature, they realize it’s much worse.

When I first saw this trailer during the opening day of the first Transformers movie, I was really confused for two reasons: I had no idea what was going on and there wasn’t a title, all it said was 1-18-08, which puzzled me and made me want to know more about this ‘mystery film’ that soon became Untitled J.J Abrams project, which was actually directed by Matt Reeves and was later named Cloverfield. Seeing that it was a handheld camera shot film, I was even more excited because I haven’t seen a handheld shot film since 1999’s horror hit The Blair Witch Project, which has made me realize how many handheld shot movies are now being made due to this (Paranormal Activity, Quarantine, The Last Exorcism, etc) which has become my favorite horror sub genre of all time currently right next to slasher films, which will always be the best in my mind.

The CGI is outstanding in this film, considering it’s a JJ Abrams inspired film, I guess it’s not surprising mainly because he’ll usually have big budgeted productions like LOST, that is known as the most expensive television pilot ever aired. Along with that Abrams directed the Star Trek reboot, which was one of the biggest budgeted films of that year. So Cloverfield was a pretty huge deal. Back to the subject, the film’s CGI for the monster. I really loved the way the monster was designed and acted, and that’s not because I a sucker for monster movies. It’s because I was seriously impressed and was visually believable. Probably the biggest aspect that made me love the monster was that it actually scared me and gave me chills, which is something that doesn’t happen that often with movies nowadays. In conclusion, Cloverfield is a fun ride worth watching that will not disappoint, unless of course you can’t appreciate a good monster movie.

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  1. October 4, 2011 5:37 pm

    May be your greatest read online


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