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Sucker Punch

April 4, 2011

From the great depths of geekdom comes Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) with another visual stunner. Sucker Punch is the story of Baby Doll (played by the stunning Emily Browning), a 20 something put in a mental institution against her will, quickly forms a friendship with four other patients. Baby Doll and the girls form a plan to escape before the ‘High Roller’ (played by Jon Hamm) arrives to corrupt Baby Doll’s mind.

Aside from the performances and screenplay, I did have fun watching this film. The non-stop action is extremely entertaining, even though Snyder uses the ‘shaky camera feel’ a little much. We also get to see the continuous use of slow motion throughout the film, which isn’t surprising considering the subject matter. Baby Doll’s imaginations are gorgeous and really amazing to look at.

I thought that the first half hour was fantastic, the mental hospital setting was refreshingly brilliant, if not perfectly set. After the breathtaking opening sequences, it quickly spirals down to another pointless but wildly entertaining action flick by Zack Snyder. Snyder has trouble identifying the characters, and frankly doesn’t know what to do with them, along with it’s messy plot. For some of the characters, you don’t even know how or why they were sent to a hospital for the mentally insane, which was quite annoying for me.

Music plays a big role in Baby Dolls imagination. His film features an outstanding soundtrack, one of the coolest ever. Snyder did a mash up featuring Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You.’ I’m planning on purchasing this soundtrack and can’t wait to listen.

This movie was pretty awful, aside from the beautiful visuals and non-stop action, the weak screenplay and the lazy performances puts this as Zack Snyder’s worst film to date.

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