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March 19, 2011

Haggard: Give me the alien!
Clive: Get your own alien.

Just the plot made me want to see this. My two favorite actors together again with the director of SUPERBAD! It’s been years since there has been a pegg/frost flick! The last film Pegg was in was Star Trek and the last film that Frost was in was Pirate Radio.

Paul: Get your hands off my motherfucking balls.

I think a lot of people who said this was bad because it stole stuff from movies like ET, then your stupid! Did ET smoke weed? Did ET swear? Did ET like reeses pieces? No, so you better shut up and actually criticize something, not comparing. I’m sick of all of these fake people out there! If you are going to write a review, write a freaking review!

Paul: Look.. the less you know the better. I have plausible deniability

Paul is by far the best movie of 2011 and the best comedy I’ve seen for a while. It may not be as good as Shaun or Fuzz, but it’s definitely great! This movie isn’t for everyone, only Sci-Fi geeks and comedy buffs. This movie has a very surprising twist. I highly recommend this movie!

Everyone was great in this movie:
Simon Pegg as Graeme Willy, Nick Frost as Clive Gollings, Seth Rogen as Paul, Jason Bateman as Agent Zoil, Kristen Wiig as Ruth Buggs, Bill Hader as Haggard, Blythe Danner as Tara Walton, John Carroll Lynch as Moses Buggs, and Sigourney Weaver as The Big Guy!

Graeme: Nice shirt.
Ruth: Oh thanks! It’s Jesus shooting Charles Darwin.

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