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Interview with Director James Gunn

March 5, 2011

My one on one interview with Director James Gunn:

C: Are you a fan of The Office?

J: Yes, both versions. I’ve seen every episode. I’m still very close with Jenna, my ex, and Rainn and I have become close over the years as well. I love many other members of the cast as well – Angela, Brian, Creed, Phyllis…

C: Do you know or have met Steve Carell?

J: I’ve known Steve for a long time, long before he was “Steve Carrell, the movie star”. We watched the pilot of the Office in my family room with my parents together eight years ago (approx)!

C: You are an amazing director. SUPER looks amazing. How was it working with Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson?

J: Working with Ellen was one of the highlights of my career. She’s an amazing person and incredibly alive actress. Working with Rainn was so-so (just kidding – Rainn’s performance is brilliant and he’s a good friend. There are moments while shooting the movie that he had me crying. It’s a much much more intense performance than what people expect).

C: What was it like working with Bacon?

J: AMAZING. Seriously. Kevin is the most humble dude in the world. He’s an icon in my eyes – I was a little intimidated by him – but he told me first day not to be afraid to push him around to get the performance I want. He’s probably my favorite actor I’ve ever worked with.

C: Would you work with Rainn Wilson again?

J: In a heartbeat.

C: You are my inspiration. If it wasn’t for Slither, I wouldn’t be in love with movies. Thank you, man.

J: Thank you!

C: What role did YOU play in SUPER?

J: I play Demonswill, the Satanic arch-nemesis of the Holy Avenger, played by Nathan Fillion. I’m a big Christian TV star.

C: Do you watch NBC’s Chuck? You should direct an episode! 🙂

J: I’ve only seen it a little bit, but Zach Levi is a super cool guy and the best Mafia player in L.A. (for real).

C: Did you like Inception, The Social Network, and The King’s Speech?

J: I like them all. I think Inception had the highest highs and Social Network was overall my favorite of the three. But I like Blue Valentine and Toy Story 3 more than all of them.

C: Do you ever get worried about paparazzi stalking you?

J: They do not stalk me at all, so I don’t worry about it.

C: How about The Fighter?

J: I loved it.

C: How did you make that guy cut in half in Slither?

J: We shot a fake man being cut in half and guts spilling out. Then using CGI we integrated that shot with the shot of the actor, Ben, reacting. Mixing practical effects and CGI is my specialty. I do it a lot in SUPER as well. It’s the only way things look somewhat real – to me at least. The gore in SUPER is a bit more realistic and less cartoony than the gore in Slither.

C: Can you please open SUPER to Bethesda, Maryland? Please!!!

J: That’s up to @IFCFIlms. Feel free to harass them on Twitter.

C: Well, James. It’s been nice talking to you tonight! I can’t wait to see SUPER and see your future work. Thanks for the interview! Bye.

J: Thank you too! Good night!

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