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March 4, 2011

Loved it from beginning to end. Very true  to the graphic novel. A masterpiece. It’s  The  Godfather of graphic novel movies. It  burst off the screen with astonishing  speacial effects,  mind-blowing suspense  and incrediable action. A groundbreaking  film, a work of  psychological realism in a  world as real as our own. It’s a dazzeling  visual treat that will keep  you glued to the  screen. It’s set in a great time period where  superheros and anti-heros are  apart of  everyday society and are nothing like the  characters we’ve encountered on the  screen  before. A bold, stunning,  compelling and breathtaking piece of  cinimatic brilliance that will  stand as a  classic. Director, Zack Snyder has crafted  an incrediable and faithful adaptation to  the graphic novel and turned it into a real  solid jolt of entertainment. An  exhilerating and  adreniline-pumping  action-packed thrill-machine. It’s  extroadinary, powerful and absolutely  unforgettable. A blistering and stellar cast  of amasing actors playing these complex,  enduring and compelling characters, each  one crafting memorable and superb  performances.  Billy Crudup is incrediable.  Malin Akerman is fantastic. Jeffrey Dean  Morgan is electrifying.  Matthew Goode is  brilliant. Patrick Wilson is excellent.  Jackie Earle Haley is teriffic. This film  explodes with the mystery, character  development, action, story and eye- popping visuals that any movie fan will  love. It truly raises the bar on the  entertainment meter and will knock you  flat out. A gripping and utterly original  picture.

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