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Iron Man 2

February 13, 2011

Definitely a step down from the first Iron Man movie. I honestly didn’t know what happened with this crazy mess of a movie. This was the biggest movie of the summer, and left a lot of audiences disappointed, including me. I’m not saying that I hated this movie. But I really didn’t like it as much as the first. I absolutely loved the action, which was better than the first, because it had more. I think that they screwed up a lot of the movie because of Mickey Rourke. Honestly, I believe that Jon Favreau didn’t know what to do with this successful actor, so he panicked and made him Whiplash, the villain in this movie. Rourke’s character was incredibly underdeveloped and the accent was just plain awful. Usually in these kinds of movies, directors are smart and includes some backstory, but for this, it was just plain stupid. Sure, the film is better in terms of pure kinetic energy and thrills, but it is a huge step down.

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