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November 1, 2010
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I am going to go forth into the character Dren, from the movie Splice. Dren is, for the most part, a horny alien chick. But the fact that after such a short amount of time, that she learns so much is astounding. And the way she learns how to dance and stuff. Her voice is really annoying though. Also, if you just look at her legs, they are really skinny and alienated! I don’t know why Adrien Brody feels the need to flirt with anything ugly in all of his movies though. I heard the actress of Dren had to shave her head for the role, wow. The feelings Dren shares for Adrien are a little odd, I might say. She’s only known him what, a week? She already wants him. The formation of Dren was really funny, it was first Nerd, then they made it backwards, calling it Dren. Her eyes are always moving, and Dren’s flexibility is astounding. So, to sum it all up, Dren is a messed up alien with the DNA of Sarah Polly.

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