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The Social Network

October 25, 2010

“You fed a chicken chicken?”

The Social Network, a story about the founders of the social-networking website, Facebook. Can I just say right off the bat that this movie is a masterpiece. Director David Fincher blends drama, romance, and comedy all into one movie about the social networking website, Facebook, which is used by millions of people.

The movie kicks off with nerdy Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) creating a ‘hot or not’ website after being dumped by his girlfriend. His ability to easily make websites come in handy when he creates ‘The Facebook.’ This harmless site soon becomes worldwide and Mark is accused of stealing the idea of the website from fellow Harvard students.

The acting is supreme in this film. Jesse, Justin, Andrew and even disney star Brenda Song do a great job! I was kind of confused about Rashida’s character. I didn’t think they put much depth into her character.

Director David Fincher knows how to make a movie. He does the right cuts, captures the perfect reactions, and amazing dialogue.

“If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you would’ve invented Facebook.”

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